Eric Decker


Currently at Squarespace as an Engineering Manager for the Expressibility team and prevously the VP of Technology at Firstborn up until early 2020. I'm a technology leader with over a decade of experience in the digital advertising space and a passion for empowering teams to make great work. But more than anything I just want to make cool shit with awesome people.

I also have some weird machine learning art experiments that I've been posting to – if you're into that sort of thing

While at Firstborn I worked on a wide breadth of clients on projects such as a suite of digital tools designed to educate and train a global audience for Beats by Dre, an in-game news portal for all 5 of Supercell's games, a new loyalty platform for HBO superfans, multiple campaign sites including a live auction site for Mountain Dew, and digitalizing tools for stylist in the Redken mobile app. (And way back when in the golden-era of Flash sites, I did the dot coms for both and, as well as countless microsites for clients like Sport Chalet.

Looking for more? You can always check out my (somewhat) neglected blog or stalk me on the social media platforms below.

*I despise the term "technologist" but I figure that's the best all-encompassing ambiguous description right now.